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  1. We wanted to thank you one more time for the wonderful weekend at your vacation home. We had a great time. We didn’t actually do too much but it was so nice just to get away and relax. Being able to bring Rosey with us was great too. She loved being outside there. You asked for feedback.

    First and foremost your home was beautiful. It’s tastefully furnished with a country charm yet filled with modern conveniences. It’s in a beautiful rural setting and we felt like we had complete privacy.

    The home was immaculately clean. Whoever had done your cleaning did an excellent job – it was spotless.

    It’s extremely well equipped. We brought a bunch of stuff but it was unnecessary in the end. The only appliance that we though might be a good addition would be a blender. We didn’t need one on this trip but in the summer renters might want to make margaritas or other mixed drinks.

    We were able to figure out the television easily enough. We personally enjoyed not having WiFi internet access because we spend a lot of time “online” during our work lives. It was a little transition at first but we soon adjusted and enjoyed being “off the grid”. Even so, we think many renters may expect some form of internet access.

    We thought a lot about what else could improve the experience for renters but the house already has so much to offer there is really little need for improvement.

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